Precision Planting: Be precise. Be profitable.

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Your maximum yield is determined the moment each seed is placed in the ground. Ensure your best results with innovative Precision Planting products from Infinity Ag.

Precision Planting products provide unprecedented control and monitoring to save you time and money while producing the highest yields.

precision planting
precision planting

Precision Planting Products include:

  • CornerStone® Complete Planting System
    • Custom, Factory-Built: CornerStone can optionally ship from the factory with many components already installed - both mechanical and electronic. Enjoy the convenience of a finished system with the ability to pick and choose which components you want.
    • Fully Integrated: The CornerStone Planting System comes standard with a load cell and electronics already installed, allowing for easy expansion of products. Special adapter plates are no longer needed.
    • Optimized for the Farmer: CornerStone's design is optimized for performance, simple adjustment, ease of in-field use, maintenance, and wear. The hundreds of tweaks made during research and development give you a unique planting system that is unlike your current row unit.
    • Learn More About CornerStone®
    • Mechanical Products
      • vSet – Better accuracy, better yields
      • vSet Select – Multi-hybrid abilities
      • SpeedTube – Plant twice as fast
      • PrecisionMeter – One seed at a time
      • eSet Meter- Optimum spacing
      • CleanSweep – Clean right from the cab
      • WaveVision – Better seed counts, better yields
      • BullsEye – Send seeds straight to the trench
      • Keeton- Precise seed-to-soil contact
    • Monitoring & Cloud Solutions
      • FieldView – A high definition view of your field
      • FieldView Plus – Manage your data from anywhere, anytime
      • Seed Sense – Optimal planter management
      • Yield Sense – Easy harvest data
    • Control Systems
      • vDrive – Exacting single-row control
      • vDrive Insecticide – Chain-free insecticide
      • RowFlow – Perfectly precise population
      • DeltaForce – True depth control
      • AirForce – – Precise down force control

    For a full range of products click here.

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