agronomy services

Agronomy Services

Field Management Zones

  • High Quality up to 10 meter resolution from 3 different satellites
  • Best images available back to 1984 selectively hand picked and layered to best represent field performance
  • Addresses different performance areas with precise rates and solutions
  • Better efficiency and savings on inputs, Maximize on outputs

Soil Sampling

At Infinity Ag we pride ourselves on quality and never cutting a corner. When it comes to soil sampling and zones, expect the best. Our samples are hand cored to guarantee an accurate and representative sample. By hand coring, we leave no room for error, ensuring the probe is taking a clean core of pure soil with no trash or root mass throwing off sample report values, a critical data point for any fertility planning. The quality of our samples combined with our precise satellite imagery make our variable rate zone fertility and seed prescriptions second to none. Field management zones are meticulously constructed by hand picking only the best and representative images from Landsat, NAIP, and Sentinel satellites to layer together into your new zone map. Whether you’re thinking sampling, zones, and variable rate prescriptions, think Infinity Ag.

  • Samples taken to represent zone capabilities
  • Hand cored to ensure quality
  • Provides accurate data for management plans

Nutrient Recommendations

  • Build or maintain plans for rented or owned land
  • Includes N,P,K as well as micro nutrients and soil amendments
  • Zone specific
agronomy services

RX Creation

  • Nutrient/Fertility rx's, and seeding rates created for your monitor and it's capabilities
  • USB plug and go into planter

In Season Nitrate Sampling

  • Provides accurate recent knowledge of nitrogen levels
  • Crucial for accurate Split Nitrogen applications
  • In Season Tissue Sampling
    • Deeper look into crop performance in near real time
    • Vital data for in season management
    • Gives opportunity to manage crops efficiently as possible

Crop Monitoring

  • Field Scouting (Weeds, bugs, damage, staging, stand counts, disease, nutrient deficiency)
  • Chemical Recommendations for weeds and bugs
  • Frees up time for grower
  • Precisely Timed applications
  • Yield Estimates

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