Custom Planter Build

We work with you to understand your specific needs and design the ideal planter for your operation.


The Bar - The 10K Folding Planter Bar is built to work with many custom planter setups. Available with 20, 22, and 30-inch spacing, the vacuum-ready planter bar has a 7×7-inch secondary rear toolbar that is designed to support the row units, with easily accessible vacuum ports spaced for each row. It also rotates 90° upward when preparing to fold, narrowing the overall width for transport.

The secondary toolbar and row units are supported by a mainframe that utilizes 7 x 7 x 1/2-inch wall tubing and is built to exceed the most demanding conditions. Engineered with a central fill system featuring 150-bushel seed capacity, the 10K Planter Bar increases efficiency by reducing fill time and allows the farmer to cover significantly more acres on each fill. The optional 9-foot cleated belt seed conveyor makes loading easy.

The Track System - The rubber track system on the 10K Planter Bar gets you in the field earlier to extend the growing season. The track system distributes the weight of the two 750-gallon liquid tanks over a larger footprint utilizing flotation to guard against compaction that can come from toolbars using traditional tires. Road transport was not an after thought in the design of the 10K Planter Bar. Narrow transport width is achieved through a front folding design that uses a combination of the rotating secondary toolbar and a massive 10 x 10-inch telescoping hitch that extends during transport and locks in field position. Even hooking up to the tractor is made easier with the standard hitch-mounted hydraulic jack.

Track System

Liquid - During plant development, having the right nutrients in the right place at the right time is essential. Putting starter fertilizer and nitrogen down during planting not only sets your growing plants up for success, but also reduces the number of trips across the field, increasing productivity. The 10K Planter Bar is available with twin 750-gallon on-board liquid tanks for 1,500 gallons of liquid capacity – the most liquid capacity in a central fill seed distribution system in the industry. This allows for placement of two different fertilizers at planting. These tanks are ready to be plumbed with your planting units to maximize crop potential. An optional Digi-Star Scale system can be used for accurate seed or liquid measurement.



  • Heavy-duty 7" X 7" X 1/2" main bar
  • Hydraulic forward-folding wings
  • Secondary 7" X 7" X 1/4" bar rotates up to 90˚ for narrow transport
  • Adjustable wing wheel


60' Planter Bar:

  • 24 row/30" spacing
  • 36 row/20" spacing

66' Planter Bar:

  • 36 row/22" spacing

90' Planter Bar:

  • 36 row/30" spacing

Wing Wheels

  • 33 X 15.5 NHS
  • 12-ply skid steer tires

Safety Equipment

  • Safety Chain
  • Transport warning lights
  • SMV sign & mounting

Color Options

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Green


60' & 66' Models:

  • 6 lift sequencing cylinders
  • 2 wing fold cylinders with tongue latch
  • 6 tool bar tilt cylinders
  • Complete with hose, hardware, and hydraulic couplers

90' Model:

  • 8 lift sequencing cylinders
  • 4 wing fold cylinders with tongue latch
  • 8 tool bar tilt cylinders
  • Complete with hose, hardware, and hydraulic couplers

Mainframe Tracks

Rubber Track System size and spacing

  • 120" center axle, 30" wid X 67" long
  • 110" center axle, 25" wid X 67" long
  • 120" center axle, 25" wid X 67" long

Front Hitch

  • 12" X 12" structural tube wth 10" X 10" hydraulic latch telescoping tongue
  • Swivel implement hitch
    • Cat IV (for 2" pin)
    • Cat V (for 2-3/4" pin)
  • Hydraulic jack

Optional Equipment

  • Two 750-gallon liquid tanks
  • 9 conveyor with cleated ball
  • Hydraulic row markers
  • Mainframe colors available in red, gray, or green

Custom Planter Build

Below are some examples of some of our custom planters.

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

Custom Planter Build

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