Plot Results

2018 Plot Results & Information

FTN Plot (Corn)
FTN plot is a full field length trial, 16 different varieties (14 channel 2 competitors) 8 rows a piece across 4 different soil types. The purpose of this plot is to get reliable hard data. By comparing across a whole field we get a better understanding of how each variety performs in certain areas, consequently giving the seedsman more familiarity and better confidence in picking the right seed for the grower. This year we have from 85-97 day corn in the plot being monitored throughout the growing season looking at crop vigor, viability, stages, performance, and appearance.

Market Development Plot
Our market development plot consists of corn and soybeans, 20 varieties of corn (4 competitor varieties) and 12 varieties of soybeans (2 competitor varieties). The show plot gives us another data set to back up against results from the FTN plot, and an up front look at what matters most, which varieties yield best. Our corn and beans are side by side making it easy for growers to come out on the plot day to see how Channel performs against the competitors.

Plot Data Results - SOYBEANS (PDF)

2016 Plot Results & Information

  2016 Corn Plot Information (PDF)

  2016 Bean Plot Information (PDF)

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