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FieldView – A high definition view of your fields
FieldView allows you to manage your planter with a complete overview of your planter's functions. This portable iPad-based system transfers information from your SeedSense and displays it with instant, high-definition maps..

FieldView is compatible with all Precision Planter products and offers instant access to program updates.

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FieldView Plus – Manage your data from anywhere, anytime
FieldView Plus gives you real time alerts, metrics and reports by field, planter and hybrid. This unit automatically syncs field pins (including notes and photos), client/farm/field lists and field map data. Accurate file transferring and sharing can now be at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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SeedSense – Optimal planter management
20/20 SeedSense is the most precise monitor available. It provides clear, accurate information about population, doubles, speed, row unit ride, skips, down force and ground contact. A color-coded touch screen display monitor allows you to seed precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems for accurate planting every time.

YieldSense SeedSense

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YieldSense – Easy harvest data
YieldSense gives you the information you need for better decisions at harvest and beyond. With real time yield by hybrid reports, wireless data sharing between combines, and a Grain Property Kit to ensure system accuracy, YieldSense is the harvest tool that keeps you on track.

YieldSense Sensor

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