Climate FieldView Plus

Infinity Ag | Climate FieldView Plus LogoProvides real-time field data as you pass through your field, allowing you to correct problems quickly and protect yields.

Data Visualization*

Infinity Ag | Climate FieldView Plus - Provides Real-Time Field Data Powerful and simple analysis to understand crop performance

  • Collect, store and view field map data in a single mobile tool in real time.
  • Easily understand on-farm hybrid performance by field, soil zone and population with side-by-side views of as-planted and yield data.
  • Use the portable map book to see what hybrid you are scouting and reference all season long.
  • Sync with multiple iPads® to automatically share activities, reports and alerts with trusted advisors.

*Take advantage of the benefits of Climate FieldView Plus included in your Climate FieldView Pro™ purchase with an enabling hardware device. Climate FieldView Plus™ requires Climate FieldView Drive™ or 20/20 Seedsense®.